Bman, Phoenix AZ, Nov 2015

“I just received the newest release, Stormy Water, from Murray Kinsley & Wicked Grin and it’s a great stripped down blues rocker…….this band knows how to boogie……By My Side is another solid rocker with a new wave touch but never falling far from it’s blues roots with blues based guitar riffs, blues harp and a blues bottom. Shine opens with a cool tom tom rhythm and almost John Doe like vocals. Kinsley definitely experiments with his guitar and Williams as well on harp with Melville nailing them to the ground solid. Very cool!……Evil Coming Round has a solid blues base with a modern flare and a solid rock feel (think Steppenwolf)……Kinsley’s vocals are heavy and his guitar work a lot in the early British blues masters style……Let Me Love You, with Williams on harp and Kinsley on vocal and slide. A full out driving rocker, this is a super closer to a super set!”

Bman, Phoenix AZ, Nov 2015Bman's Blues Review