John The Rock Doctor, Nov 2015

“Third time out for this Ottawa based blues outfit.  As the title might seem to suggest, this is one hellaciously rockin’ set of get-up-off-your-ass-and-dance blues……..

This is one of the tightest albums I’ve heard in awhile, and no wonder- these 11 tracks have been road tested, and ten of ‘em were written by bandleader Kinsley……

the harp harp is spooky and dramatic, and the rhythm section swings with reckless, casual precision.  It’s almost as if the music is a living, breathing thing.

Mostly up-tempo stuff here, but Wicked Grin really knows how to get down too- Evil Coming Round is a real grinder, and one of the sexiest grooves ever on record…….

Stormy Water is an energetic set overall, the kind of blues you throw in the CD player when you need to get stuff done.  I can see putting this on when you’re doing some renos around the house, making the long drive into the big city, or even throwing back a few whiskeys and taking your woman into the bedroom to show her that you still know how it’s done……

Not much else to say here, really- Stormy Water is a sleeves-rolled-up rough and ready set of blues tunes that will make your Saturday night a hell of a lot more fun than it would have been otherwise.”

John The Rock Doctor, Nov 2015Gonzo OnLine